• Felipe

    Worst trailer for a tv show I’ve ever seen. The acting looks terrible and most of the lines the actors spit out are cringe worthy. I hate how these shows about these atypical gay men that live in trendy cities are supposed to be shows that the modern gay man is supposed to relate to. As a 25 year old gay man who’s lived in New England my entire life, and known many other gay and lesbians, I’ve never witnessed anything in this gay lead shows that even moderately relates to my life or the lives of the people I know. They just don’t resonate with the majority of the younger gay generation, unless you live in NYC, LA, or another city where it’s all about getting as much sex, drugs and booze as you possibly can. I will admit though, I did watch Queer as Folk and the L Word in it’s entirety, but not because I could relate to it. Just because it was good, fun, campy tv. But it really irks me when shows like these are presented as an accurate portrayal of the typical american gay. We haven’t seen that on tv yet. All in all, I will definitely not be checking out DTLA… it looks dreadful.

  • bruin


  • Ricky

    I didn’t think it was bad. I don’t have to be able to relate to something in order to enjoy watching it. Walking Dead anyone? I’ll be watching. Thanks for sharing Patrick.

  • Is that Tiffany Pollard (aka New York)?! I must find a bigger picture to confirm this…

  • Wow, it totally is her. I totally forgot about her and her fame-whoring ways. I have a feeling she’s gonna be playing a bitch… and not even doing that very well.

  • rogelio

    Agree with Ricky… wtf? I don’t relate to Two and a half men, or the Big Bang Theory, or Revenge, and I love to watch them…