‘DTLA’ Episode 8: Watch & Vote For Your Favorite Scene

Last night (Wednesday), the season finale of DTLA aired but in case you haven’t seen it yet, we’re going to take a look at three of my favorite scenes from last week’s episode that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Next week, we’ll do the same for the finale. As you may recall, in last week’s episode, Matthew’s (Patrick McDonald) play finally opens and the evening is filled with surprises… for everyone. *As a sidenote, did any of you see DTLA star Darryl Stephens on Two Broke Girls this week? Love that show!

In the first of my favorite scenes titled Plane Spotting, Waylon takes Lenny (Darryl Stephens) to a grassy patchy where they lay together and watch planes fly overhead. From there, then end up in the shower where they get super hot & heavy. Wow.

In the second scene called Lenny Wants To Get High, Lenny heads over to his nudist neighbors to see if he can score some weed and “take the edge off.” They invite him in and while smoking up, help him recognize where his stress is coming from.

Finally, in the third scene, SJ (Marshelle Fair) has had too much to drink and Kai (Hiro Tanaka) finds her passed out on the bathroom floor. He tries to help her get her sh*t together because her husband Norm has arrived. She is not in good shape. Check out all three scenes below and vote for your favorite. Two are NSFW just as a heads up.

Plane Spotting (NSFW)

Lenny Wants To Get High (NSFW)

SJ Drinks Too Many

'DTLA' Episode 8: What's Your Favorite Scene?

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  • meh

    Can’t stand his acting – he acts like he has a pickle up his arse or something and acted the same in both series.

  • rbare

    why won’t youtube play this in the states? lame.

  • Jeremy

    Oliver is the rookie lawyer that Lenny works with that seduced him in one of the earlier episodes, Waylon is the one who took Lenny to the grassy patch near the airport.