Tonight, the Episode 7 of DTLA is airing on OUTtv. To recap on what happened in the last episode, Lenny and SJ met and shared advice with each other and later, SJ and Norm have a crazy night out on the town. Rafi helped Kai pass a test, while Stefan landed a new client. Matthew is becoming suspicious of Marky. (I feel like I just gave one of those speedy Glee recaps at the beginning of the episode – “…And that’s what you missed on DTLA.”)

Rather than just writing about what happened, I’ve included two of my favorite scenes from last week’s episode to make it more interactive. The first one is where Lenny (Darryl Stephens) has his co-worker Oliver over and after Oliver spills wine on his shirt, the boys end up in the bathroom to clean up the mess… while creating another one – wink 😉 In the second clip, Matthew (Patrick McDonald) and his hot acting partner are getting critiqued by their acting coach (Leslie Jordan) one of their… sexier scenes. Watch the sexy clips below and vote on which one you liked best. If you’re in the US, a new episode will air on Logo this Friday.

DTLA Favorite Scenes | EP 6 | Lenny & Co-Worker

DTLA Favorite Scenes | EP 6 | Leslie Jordan

'DTLA' Episode 6: What's Your Favorite Scene?

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