You can file this under weirdest-stories-the-year for sure, but say what you will this story really warmed my heart like a hot cup of eggnog and put me into a cheery Christmas spirit. Not a lot to say on this one except that the Grinch has some serious competition.

Boy’s Mother April Wright is obviously a struggling single Mom and you can hear her version of the story in the video after the jump, but the facts are still there. Chattanooga, Tennessee is the birth place of a four year old toddler that has the super human ability to unlock child proof doors, and a nack for drinking, breaking and entering, and cross dressing.

Okay okay I won’t say much more because the report in the video, right from the screen behind the reporter with a can that says “Beer” beside a christmas tree, is just priceless. It’s true that it may be a faux pas with the amount of guffawing this has caused me, but judge for yourself whether this deserves some concern and pathos, or a chuckle and a cheers.