It’s a weird coincidence to me that just yesterday I wrote about three guys from an Australian reality show involved in a homophobic assault and today I come across this movie trailer that deals with the same sort of homophobic issues and also three perpetrators. The film is based on a play by Stephen Davis.

In the following movie trailer for the film directed by Dean Francis called Drown, three lifeguards have a crazy night out on the town and are looking to pickup some girls. They decide to go to the gay bar with the logic that lots of hot girls go there, but the night goes way off track with a combination of too much alcohol, ecstasy, homophobia, jealousy, and unrequited lust.

The trailer is incredibly intense and the film looks like it will definitely be worth watching. Get your first look below. The film is still raising money, but expected to hit theatres in 2013.

‘Drown’ Movie Trailer

For more information about the film, check out their site: