Obviously, the sane answer is a “HELL NO“, but try telling that to a government official in Peru. Jose Benitez, the mayor of Huarmey, claims that the drinking water in his town could result in an increase in homosexuals. He claims the high levels of strontium found in the water is to blame. According to him, “strontium reduces male hormones“. How hilarious is that?

What’s he basing his “scientific” findings on? Easy, he’s looking to a neighboring town to backup his claims. Huarmey’s tap water comes from Tabalosos. A local TV station once reported that the town had 14,000 homosexual inhabitants. Sounds like this Tabalosos could be a fun place to have a big circuit party. Maybe even a big pool party filled with all this “gay” water so we can dunk hot straight boys in.

Benitez’s claims are even more ridiculous than when Club Physical, an Evangelical owned gym in Auckland, New Zealand, claimed that boys who drink soy become deviant homosexuals. LOL. Too bad we couldn’t pinpoint one specific beverage as being the cause for stupid, irrational and homophobic thoughts. Because if there was, that would explain a lot. Let’s face it, far too many people are drinking lots of crazy.