The trailer for an upcoming “based on a true story” film called Drift has just debuted starring Sam Worthington, Xavier Samuel, and Myles Pollard.

The story takes place in Australia in the 1970s. The Kelly Brothers, Andy and Jimmy, have one great passion: riding big waves. They were raised by their mother in a sleepy coastal town called Margaret River where some of the world’s most challenged and dangerous waves are found. There they perfected their surfing skills and were always in search of the perfect ride. Jimmy (Xavier Samuel) is not only a talented surfer, but he’s also an innovator. However, he starts to get mixed up in crime as he tries to do whatever he can to get the family out of debt. Andy (Myles Pollard) quits his stable job to work with Jimmy on his surf inventions, launching a backyard surf gear business.

A travelling surf photographer and filmmaker named JB (Sam Worthington) try to encourage the boys to expand their business, but when they get mixed up with a local drug dealer, it looks like everything they built up with come crashing down like the waves. The film comes out in 2013. Check out the first trailer below!

‘Drift’ Movie Trailer