Man Crush: Drew Van Acker

Since I picked a younger stud for my Model Behavior feature this week, I thought I’d stay with the twink theme and chose one for my weekly Man Crush, as well. At 25-years-old, Drew Van Acker barely qualifies for that title, especially given his hot bod. I’ve been so busy on my mini-Pride tour– Portland, Seattle, and Toronto next- I somehow missed that “Pretty Little Liars” is back for its second season. Yes, I watch it and proud to say its the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. Storylines are mildly entertaining and acting barely passable, but the guys featured on the show never disappoint. Drew is the second stud from PLL that I’ve crushed on, Brant Daughtery being the first.

Drew Van Acker joins the cast this season and takes over the role of Jason DiLaurentis, which was played by a different actor for the first season. Prior to acting, this Philadelphia-born stud was a model. His big break occurred at the age of 20 when he graced the cover of Genre magazine. Soon, famed photographer Bruce Weber caught wind of him and booked Drew for numerous Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs. He also posed for International Jock, American Eagle, among others during his modeling years.

His biggest acting break prior to landing on “Pretty Little Liars” was landing a lead role on Cartoon Network’s live action “Tower Prep”. He’s also appeared on “Greek“, “The Lake” and ABC’s “Castle“. I have no doubt, his role on PLL will be a launching pad for bigger and better things. Being that he’s from Philly, I’d love to give Drew Van Acker some brotherly love… and then some. Check out his pics below and find out why.

I’m a sucker for long blond wavy locks.

Looking super sweaty and studly on Pretty Little Liars.

Drew takes over the role of Jason DiLaurentis which was previously played by Parker Bagley (right). Improvement???

He reminds me of someone and I just can’t place it. Anyone have any suggestions?

Those are some skimpy tighty whities.

Looking like the All-American jock at “The Lake”.

Speaking of jock, do you prefer Drew to swing his bat at you or would you rather him catch your pitch?

The epitome of casual cool. Love those boots.

As much as I like him with long hair, the short do works as well. Especially with a little bit of boy scruff.

He could be a pitchman for Neutrogena or Proactiv.

Preppy or rebel? He’s too pretty to look rebellious.

His lips are like two perfect pillows. I definitely would rest my “head” on that.

Do I even need to comment on how sexy he is here?

You can totally see why Bruce Weber snapped him for Abercrombie & Fitch?

I don’t know why I gravitate towards men with bigger noses.

Doing a little morning stretch.

Showing off his defined c*m gutters.

  • Metty

    jensen ackles?

  • avocadoboy

    don’t you think he loos like a younger version of your previous man crush William Levy?

  • This is what you get when you morph Brad Pitt, Adam Phebus and Cam Gigandet together, and they turn into this gorgeous specimen of a man. I’d definitely have to post him on my blog someday. Yummilicious!

  • Montreal_boi

    Hayden Christensen ?

  • ewan

    ang guwapo!

  • don

    He looks a little like Austin Butler, from that serie Life Unexpected?

  • I agree with Metty. He’s like a prettier version of Jensen Ackles. Which I thought was impossible, but there you go. It’s the voluptuous lips.

  • Mina

    He reminds me of Armie Hammer, especially on the picture where u mention he reminds you of someone. But of course, Van Acker is waaaay hotter!

  • Lisa-Marie

    No way is he anywhere near as nice as Jensen Ackles! Jensen makes Drew look like Danny DeVito!