Documentary ‘Dream Boat’ Isn’t Just About The Parties On A Gay Cruise (Trailer)

I’ve done a bit of traveling myself but never actually taken a cruise. Truth be told, it’s not exactly at the top of my list. Taking a two-hour ferry ride to visit my boyfriend’s parents is already taxing enough. I can’t even imagine a week on a boat. I’ll just live vicariously thorough the folks featured in this documentary.

Dream Boat follows five men from five countries on the quest for their dreams which includes being on a gay men only cruise far from their families and political restrictions. They share personal stories, their doubts and uncertainties while on a week-long voyage from Lisbon to the Canary Islands filled with over 2,000 passengers partying up a storm.

At first glance, Dream Boat looks like an ad for an all-male cruise vacay, but it goes deeper than that. Topics from body fascism to HIV, acceptance at home, to the search for love are all covered and then some. Check out the trailer below.

Dream Boat Movie Trailer

  • IDavid

    Hmmm…. Why they highlight drag queens and fem men makes no sense. Who wants to be floating back stage at a drag show? Are there actual masculine non gay acting men that go on these cruises whose every other sentence doesn’t end with “Mary” ?

  • Shelby pettie

    Wow you think you can maybe be a little bit more of a want to be bitch , Mary ? Who the fuck died and made you a movie critic MARY.and if you have a problem with drag queens , don’t go to there shows MARY , but please don’t talk them down because it takes real talent to turn a man into a woman ,that’s talent MARY , what talent Do you have MARY ? You didn’t give birth to the baby Jesus so I’m sure your talent is only trying to be something your not A Mary .Thank you very much MARY. You fucking want to be ,ain’t ever going to be . I dare touted to call out a show that stands for everything you your self should be trying to stand for. Mary . Get a fucking life and keep your comments to yourself didn’t your mother teach you that if you have nothing nice to say keep your fucking mouth shut Mary. And don’t even try it *Mary , my mother taught me how to be a real bitch not a Want To Be. And you have a blessed day Mary..
    Hugs and Kisses from Shelby Lynn Star

  • IDavid

    Look, you’re a small part of the bigger gig, most people can’t stand gender bending in any form, deal with it, you’ll live longer. As a gay man I deal with it every day and I’ve risen above it, you think you’re any different, think again. Don’t try to change my mind with insults, just thicken up your thin skin, that’s where your work lies. And no, I don’t want to be on a boat if DQs are running amuck. A theater is one thing, no probs. Every day attire, not even going there.