Hailee Steinfeld Hops On Bubbly Track ‘Woke Up Late’ From Drax Project

Love, love, love Hailee Steinfeld. I love her collaborations even more. The 22-year-old Oscar-nominated actress teams up with Drax Project for a bouncy pop track that is as adorable as Steinfeld.

Woke Up Late” was actually released back in 2017. The New Zealand band decided to give it new life by recruiting Hailee. Definitely a savvy move. No doubt the track will generate more attention now that it has a recognizable name attached. The quartet explains below the reasoning behind the new version.

“‘Woke Up Late’ is about wrapping your head around the adventure of the night before and ultimately deciding that you’re cool with it,” said Drax Project in a press release. “Given the nature of this story, it did cross our minds while writing it as to how it might work as a duet — with a female voice telling her side. We’re all huge, big fans of “Starving” and “Let Me Go,” so [we] were beyond stoked to get Hailee on the song! She absolutely kills it in movies and in music. We feel like having her vocals take both the sonics and the feel of the song to another level!”

Give it “Woke Up Late” a listen below. Fingers crossed a new accompanying visual is on the horizon.

Drax Project ft. Hailee Steinfeld ‘Woke Up Late’ Lyric Video

Drax Project ‘Woke Up Late’ Music Video