Recently Amanda Bynes tweeted a horny declaration about Drake pounding her vajayjay. The Canadian rapper’s hot new track might give the embattled star a glimmer of hope. He raps about his dating troubles and his search for the perfect leading lady. Bynes… it’s time to tweet him your digits ;)

Even only after a couple of listens, “Girls Love Beyoncé” has quickly become one of my favorites from Drake. I’m sure that has a lot to do with the fact he samples Destiny’s Child’s hit song “Say My Name.” If you’re a fan of the 26-year-old rapper, you’re fully aware that he loves the DC track. He’s performed it several times at his concerts over the years.

Drake collaborates with James Fauntleroy on the single. If you don’t know who Fauntleroy is, he’s part of Justin Timberlake’s production group The Y’s. In addition to his dating life, he also comments on materialism and sexism. “All my boys around me saying get money and fuck these hoes. Where we learn these values, I do not know what to tell you…” Take a listen at his hot new song below. I absolutely love it.

Drake ft. James Fauntleroy ‘Girls Love Beyonce’

What do you think of “Girls Love Beyoncé?” Are you a Drake Fan? Do you like his usage of “Say My Name?” Given the swagger and bravado that’s usually associated with his musical genre, I feel Drake isn’t like his counterparts and genuinely a solid stand-up guy. Don’t you think? Sound off below.