Dragonette: Interview With Martina Sorbara

For all you Dragonette fans out there, you’re going to love this post. The other day, yours truly, had a wicked opportunity to chat with Dragonette’s lead singer, Martina Sorbara. I was already a huge fan of the synth/electro-pop band before, and now after my chat… I’m an even bigger one. Martina was great fun to talk to. At first, I was a bit nervous, but a few minutes in, it felt like I was talking to one of my gal pals.

Dragonette released their debut album, “Galore” in 2007 and spawned a couple of my favorite tracks “I Get Around” and “Jesus Doesn’t Love Me Anymore“. Now, the band is back with a new CD, “Fixin To Thrill” which I predict will be better than their first album. If you haven’t checked out their tracks, I highly suggest you do. They’re one of the best bands you’ve never heard of and deserve a bigger audience.

Sorbara was nice enough to take time out of her busy day to discuss their new album, her marriage, and her wicked collaborations. Recently Martina lent her vocals to Martin Solveig’s “Boys & Girls” and even appeared in the video. She told me, it was wicked awesome to visit Gaultier’s couture house and wear his designs for the shoot. In the past, she’s also worked with Cyndi Lauper and Bassment Jaxx. The interview is about fifteen minutes long, because I had a really hard time cutting things out. Everything, in my eyes, was essential in the ebb and flow of our chat.


If you want a brief overview on who Dragonette is, check out this press release sent to me. I couldn’t have said it any better.

Some may know the beginning of the story:
God created the earth. Boy (Dan Kurtz) meets Girl (Martina Sorbara) . Boy marries Girl. Boy and Girl make a demo in their basement called “I Get Around.”

Some may know the next part:
Boy and Girl put together band (Enter Will Stapleton and Joel Stouffer). Band plays shows. Band meets people in shiny suits dangling money and enticing them to move across the ocean. Band moves across the ocean. Girl sings a song with Bassment Jaxx. Band makes debut record, “Galore.” People in bomber jackets from band’s home country also offer a record deal. Tony Soprano shows major love for Journey.

And many may know what comes afterwards:
People in shiny suits promise megastardom. A single of “I Get Around” gets released. Leftfield pop lovers and big shiny media get so excited they call band “Better Than Trees!,” hail their “sass and confidence all too missing in pop,” and tell them their music is “ace shagtronic pop (you tell us??).”

And a few the next part:
Some radio programmers across the ocean decide that they’d rather have trees. Shiny suited people agree. Story over???????

……but then:
Bomber-jacketed people think differently. Home country radio plays “I Get Around” incessantly. “Galore” gets released. Someone unrelated to the band calls it “probably the best record of 2007. “Another calls it “pop music the way that pop music should be: overblown, daring, and incredibly charismatic.” Band plays lots of shows to happy people in home country. People on 5 continents ask band to get on airplanes to come and spread the love. Band agrees. People in other countries lend a hand to release “Galore” and spread the word. Lots of people who make movies and TV shows and mini movies selling things think they make the perfect accompaniment to their images. Somebody else thinks it’s a good idea to communicate in less than 140 characters. Others agree.

And a little bit later:
Boy and Girl and one band member (Joel Stouffer) decamp to studio to do it all over again. The other (Will Stapleton) heads off to solo pastures. People really like Barack Obama. The band releases the 2nd album’s title track (“Fixin To Thrill”) to great fanfare from people who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens. Band thinks Jean Paul Gaultier’s idea for Girl to make a record with Euro pop/house master Martin Solveig and give it away free is a fine one. Kanye gives them love on his blog. More people in front of computer screens (as well as European and Australian radios) do too.

And now:
Band finds a kindred spirit (Chris Huggett) to step into the guitarist chair. Band finishes 2nd album and books tour dates across the globe. Other nice people ask to help spread the word further. Band hopes for a few more chapters and a happy ending.