Dragbook Brings the Queens Togetha’

A missed market has been filled with the new and fabulous Dragbook where finally all of the queens and fans of the queens can get together on one social media platform!

In the style of Facebook (some website you might have heard of), an easy to create online profile gives you access to the newly started community base for drag queens, for fans of drag queens, and people playing looky loo from the corner. Whether you’re at Micky’s every week, are Willam’s number 1 fanclub moderator, know every Li’l Kim lyric (WAIT, SHE’S STILL A WOMAN?!), or have watched Drag Race once and wanna’ know the scoop on the scene, Dragbook is looking like the new place to come.

Just like FB, you can add friends, follow and join events, post your shows, share tuck tips, or see how many likes that new pictures of you in the Gaga iTunes festival wig can get.

Already “the first experience for drag queens and their fans” has had a mass of signer uppers, and with a tagline like “Be Sickening“, I’d put a couple sweaty dollar bills on this site having the power to chante and stay, and being a helluva lotta’ fun.

So sissy that profile! Get over to Dragbook for a great new experience for all of our communities to be able to come together, mesh, share, and celebrate.

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  • Done. And done girl!

  • Nicky

    I agree with this article they got the drag market that’s been neglected. People think drag culture disappears when drag race ends they don’t realize it’s a way of life

    Great post