Watch The First Few Minutes Of ‘Drag Race Thailand’

Already gagging and it’s only the first few minutes. I don’t know how I’ll make it through the entire season without dying of laughter.

After a buzzworthy first season, Drag Race Thailand makes its way to the United States on May 4 thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race production company World of Wonder’s streaming platform, WOW Presents Plus. They just released the first 13 minutes of the premiere episode and it’s everything. These queens had me howling from the get-go.

The series is hosted by Art Arya and Pangina Heels. 10 queens compete to become Thailand’s Next Drag Superstar and win $500,000 Baht, roughly $15,000 USD. Which queens will sink or swim when their modeling chops are put to the test in their very first water soaked mini-challenge. Watch May 4 to find out or Google the results. The winner has already been crowned.

Watch the clip below. In addition to the hilarious queens, the reality competition also provides some very appealing eye candy. The Thai pit crew is SIZZLING AF!!! Wouldn’t mind tasting their pad thai 😉

Drag Race Thailand 1st Act (English Subtitles)