Downton Abbey Season 4 Trailer Debuts

Last week ITV released a quick 10 second audio teaser for the upcoming season of Downton Abbey. Today we have our first full-length trailer for Season 4 or Series 4 as they say across the pond. As you would expect from the show, plenty of tears, romance, fights, corsets and deaths will undoubtedly occur this season.

The new season premieres this Fall in the UK with a January 5, 2014 start date in the United States. Paul Giamatti joins the cast this year as Shirley Maclaine’s son. The period drama also hired its first black actor in the form of Gary Carr. Check out the trailer below.

Downton Abbey Series 4 Trailer

  • Rob

    In one hand I’m happy they’re coming back. On the other I fear the amount of characters and storylines they’re introducing. Losing Sybil and Matthew was a major flop, so now they’re forced to introduce new characters to keep the action going. The thing for me as a fan of this show is that it is slow phased. Things take time to happen, the characters have been maturing for 3 seasons and they lost 1 key character and other appealing one. So idk how well the impact of this new circus is gonna be. You have the crazy/slutty niece, the black jazzy singer, more drama with the servants, etc.
    What it was a nice & sharp storyline at first now looks all over the place.

  • Rob

    And btw, since they had to kill 2 major characters and send another to Bombai, couldn’t they get rid of that ANNOYING mr bates. I mean pleace, I think he is the mos obnoxious characters ever to be written. If I were the actor who portrays Mr Bates I would seriously consider drugs. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t hate Mr Bates.

  • stranded

    @Rob, lol on Mr. Bates, I think his tragic storyline went WAY too long. I didn’t hate his character before the big murder trial, but after, yeah.

    I don’t think losing Sybil was a flop. Matthew, yeah kind of, but what could they have done? Didn’t the actor drop out after the season began shooting?

  • Rob

    Yeah, he did. Dumb move and totally disloyal to the show, the producers said they offered him different storylines such as traveling to the US that would only require his character to appear in 1-2 episodes without killing him. But he didn’t want any of that. So 100% disloyal and idk who’s that appealing to any franchise who’s considering him for the part.

    Anyway, I think there is an opportunity in the gap Sybil & Matthew leave. After all, it’s like closing a cycle. I think Mary can now return to being bitchy which she does great. I read Mary is going to lose it and Tom is gonna be her support so, I think it’s a nice twist for his character as well.

    Mr Bates and his duck face is annoying no matter the plot. He and Mrs Obrien need a break and a dildo fest.