Will Free Downloads of “Pan Am” Save It From Cancellation?

Earlier this week, producers of “Cougar Town” announced they were holding viewing parties of the sitcom in the coming weeks. In an effort to keep interest in their show alive, they thought sharing brand new episodes with fans would build buzz. Turns out, they’re not the only ABC show taking matters into their own hands. Show producers for on-the-bubble freshman show “Pan Am” are hoping their new tactic saves the period drama. Neither tactic is from the network but from the marketing minds of each respective show.

Sony Pictures TV is offering up free downloads of the first nine already-aired episodes, in hopes of attracting more viewers before it returns with new episodes on January 8, 2012. The 1960s set show started off strong with a solid take-off, but then soon hit some turbulence. As each episode aired, “Pan Am” started to lose altitude every week. Eventually, the viewers leveled off, but at an extremely low Nielsen rating.

Even though “Pan Am” returns in January, it’s only for a limited run. ABC only ordered 14 episodes of the show, and plans to replace it with “GCB” (formerly known as Good Christian Belles) on their midseason schedule when the remaining five episodes air. If “GCB” is a hit, chances are “Pan Am” will be dunzo.

So where can you download the free episodes? Sony Pictures TV is making “Pan Am” available on Amazon, Vudu, CinemaNow, Sony Video Unlimited, PlayStation Store and iTunes. Hurry fast, because it’s only for a limited time- through January 5th to be exact.

I admit, I was really looking forward to the show’s premiere but was bored halfway through it. Each week I watched it hoping it would get better. Eventually it did, but not soon enough. The show had already lost plenty of interest with each lame story during the first few weeks. For me, the show really turned it around the last couple of episodes. Were they great? Nope, but definitely a lot better. I really liked Christina Ricci on the show, along with a couple of the other stewardesses and all the period *wink* *wink* references the writers include.

Sadly, I don’t think anything can save this show. Are you watching “Pan Am“? Or did you give up like so many other millions of viewers? It’s a shame really. It had so much potential. Post all your thoughts below.

  • joe lascon

    Yes, we are watching Pan Am, as well alot of our friends……Save it..!!! and No, I’ve never left a comment about this or any other show….not a duplicate….thanks

  • joe lascon

    should read, “as well as alot of our friends”…(sorry)