Best friends Rob Easton and Sean Horlor are determined to figure out what it takes to make it “out” there in the big wide world.

The premise: Rob and Sean meet someone doing a job; that person teaches them how to do it; and then, they compete to see who does it better.

Some of these “jobs”- including runway modeling and stripping- are performed in front of live audiences, while others such as being a bus driver are done only in front of the camera. We attended their fashion show, and most recently… the strip show!

A little background. I’ve known of Rob for quite some time: he’s Jamie’s ex actually, and now Jamie’s my ex… so, transitive property: we know each other! More recently, I met Sean during Adam’s Top Model Competition, and now Sean’s dating my roommate Landon. Oh what a tangled web we weave. ANYWAY…


The season finale of their show that will air on OutTV will be the episode of them stripping, and we got a behind the scenes look at the event. I must say these two have got balls (and we saw them). They both had different and unique performances while certainly pushing the envelope a lot further than I thought they would. They got a bit of training from Reese Rideout- a porn star from who was also performing that night.

Rich interviewed Sean & Rob backstage, prior to their performance to find out the naked truth about how they were feeling. Donovan and I kinda threw Rich into the role of interviewer at the last second, and given no preparation, I think he did a great job- aside from the fact that he got Rob and Sean mixed up LOL. Here is a snippet of the interview:

Don’t Quit Your Gay Job showcases the personal successes and humiliating disappointments of these two friends as they strive to find themselves and new perspectives while learning about gay life on the job.

Watch their experiences unfold on camera and their interpretations of the events, people and places they discover along the way. From runway modeling for Diesel to entering one of North America’s largest bus rodeos to an epic strip performance in Vancouver’s largest gay club, there is nothing these two friends won’t do to in their pursuit of the ultimate job.

The show airs this fall, only on OutTV!