“Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” (If You Weren’t, You Will Be)

Ooooh, this actually looks good. The film,”Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” is Guillermo del Toro’s remake of the 1973 made-for-TV original – and it looks sca-ry! The plot: “A young girl (Bailee Madison), after moving in with her father and his girlfriend soon discovers creatures are living in the house with them. Originally thought to be friendly, she soon learns otherwise.” Katie Holmes plays a different interpretation of Kim Darby’s character in the original. She’s a neurotic homemaker that is charged with the job of decorating a spooky Victorian house (never would I volunteer for that job). Instead of a housewife, as in the origin, she is the girlfriend. The film also stars Guy Pearce as Alex.

The Miramax film is set for release January 21, 2011. This trailer is one thousand times scarier than the trailer from the ABC Made For TV version from 1973 – that one is almost laughable in comparison.

2011 Remake Trailer

1973 Trailer