Disney Finds Its Simba & Mufasa For Lion King Live-Action Film

In the 1994 animated original, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Matthew Broderick voiced young Simba and the adult version respectively. The remake just found its new cub-prince. Director Jon Favreau revealed the news via Twitter.

Donald Glover will headline Disney’s latest live-action project. The Atlanta actor taking on Simba wasn’t the only cast member announced. Favreau also shared that James Earl Jones, who voiced Mufasa in the original, will reprise his role.

Glover’s star is really rising as of late. The multi-talented actor recently picked up a couple of Golden Globes for his FX series. The Lion King role is just his latest high-profile gig as of late. His other upcoming movies include Spider-Man: Homecoming and the untitled Star Wars Han Solo standalone film.

The Lion King won’t technically be a live-action film, but it’ll look like it. Like what Favreau did for The Jungle Book, he’ll use cutting-edge technology and green screen to bring the majestic African Savanna to life.

What do you think of Glover and Jones taking part in The Lion King remake? Solid choices? Weigh in below.