ANTM All-Star Dominique Reighard Releases Debut Single & Music Video

Tyra Banks, look at what you’ve done. Just what the world needs, another reality star turned pop star. I knew the second Tyrant made the girls write their own songs and film an accompanying music video, it would ignite a few of their inner pop stars to come out. On cue, Dominique Reighard released her debut single and music video the day after the episode aired. Making matters worse… I actually don’t mind it. Dare I even say, I like it. UGH.

First off, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Girlfriend looks gorgeous in the video and the picture above. That’s one weave blow out that both RuPaul and Beyonce would be jealous of. FIERCE. On ANTM, the judges coined her Jayloncé (J. Lo & Beyonce) and that description couldn’t be any more appropriate, especially once you see the clip.

Photographer Derek Blanks makes his directing debut with Dominique’s “On Top Of The World“. It’s only fitting he directed it, since he appeared in an episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” during the “alter ego” photo shoot. That Bravo show gave birth to “Tardy For The Party“, which allowed every reality star to think they also can have a successful novelty single.

Dominique Reighard “On Top Of The World” Music Video

Shot in Atlanta, Georgia, the visual odyssey is the perfect compliment for Dominique’s bass heavy pop track. Props go to Reighard for including a few Top Model jabs in the clip. There’s even a scene where faux Tyra (Dominique) shaves off faux Nigel’s hair. ANTM’s old intro asked, “who’s on top?“. In this case, it’s Dominique. Check out her debut music video below.

Not bad right? I hate to encourage more reality star singles, but this one is a valiant effort. Who knew the girl could sing? Fair enough, it’s auto-tuned but so are half the songs hitting radio these days. Post all your thoughts below.

  • Kevin Lee

    She’s hot. So is the debut single. The bridge was fantastic.

  • I love this!

  • lia

    is this mean she’s the winner, poor Allison

  • Aqua

    Its actually not that bad… but I want Allison to win.. I wish Allison does a creepy scary song and release it…

  • Where did cycle 10 Dominique go?????? Last cycle she had to pour paint all over herself just to get a good picture. Now it seems like she can’t get one bad pic in. Jayloncé indeed.

  • UM
    I LOVE IT…even though it still REAKS of top model stuff, but yeah. She’s good, I like her. And lord knows I love a masculine gal.

    Dominique has always been one of my faves. love her.

  • Dominiqueen

    godinique :cry

  • Lucas

    AMAZING!! ?’ I love that !

  • Arvin

    OMG! I looove it! I’m making this my ringtone <3

  • Patricia

    I LOVE IT!

  • KF

    It’s really not that bad – good for Dominique.

  • zurvivor

    i agree that the video and the song is not bad at all for a reality show star.

  • Chris

    So that’s it! She’s the winner of this All-star cycle right? And that was a short girl with her in the final two parody of her music video so does that mean that it’s her and Laura in the final two?

  • sarah

    she looks good…antm made her look too drag-ish but the song is forgettable

  • I think the hook it nice, but I’d like some more “meat” to the other lyrics in the song. Some of it seemed a little too easy/predictable. That said, I can’t help but sing along to it because it’s catchy + Dom looks fantastic in the vid.

  • * hook is nice


  • Peter

    Way to go Dominique! This sounds like it would be perfect for the clubs, especially the chorus. Good luck!

  • BluePotion

    Good for Dominique and yes she can sing. I need to get me some Autotune.