Tonight, Tyra Banks and crew crown the first ever All-Star winner of “America’s Next Top Model“. Though I’m rooting for the wonderfully awkward Allison Harvard, I was hoping another contestant would make the Final 3 instead of Angelea Preston. That would be none other than Cycle 10’s Dominique Reighard.

While I wasn’t a fan of hers during her original cycle, I found myself warming up to her as each episode of Cycle 17 aired. Then the draglicious reality star decided to drop a wicked debut single and beyotch officially won me over. Sadly, my hopes of her making it to the finale were squashed by Banks and the judging panel when they inexplicably eliminated her instead of Angelea. ROOOOOOOOOBBBED.

Luckily for me, with her elimination out of the way, I was free and clear to chat with the model turned aspiring recording artist. After playing a wonderful game of email tag, we finally connected just after Thanksgiving. It was definitely worth the wait. She was a joy to chat with. It felt like I was with my gays having a major gossip session.

Dominique dished about her All-Stars experience and hanging out in Greece. In addition, we naturally segued into her budding music career. She revealed what her plans are for an upcoming album and follow-up single to the addictive “On Top of The World“. Eavesdrop on our phone conversation below. It’s a tad lengthy, but Patrick did a great job of editing it from the original 30 minute convo. Hope you enjoy.

Wasn’t she a doll? She’s definitely come into her own from her original cycle. I can see myself hanging with her at the club. Hopefully, that opportunity presents itself if we’re ever in the same city at the same time. Love you Dom and thanks for the chat.

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