Dolph Lundgren & Florian ‘Big Nasty’ Munteanu Reunite For Men’s Health

Dolph Lundgren famously battled Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV. The 61-year-old Swedish actor returns to the franchise to reprise his role of Ivan Drago in Creed II. He graces the latest cover of Men’s Health with Florian “Big Nasty” Muntuneau who plays his on-screen son, Viktor Drago.

The twosome reveal to the publication how they brought the pain to the highly-anticipated sequel and how they stay fit. Seriously though, how is possible that Lundgren is still so jacked at his age? Definitely inspiring to see him maintaining his fitness.

Check out more pics from the Ben Watts-snapped photoshoot below, along with quotes from the accompanying interview. PS. If you’re craving for more pics of Florian, check out my Insta-Stud post about him from 2017.

Muntuneau On If Fans Will Cheer For The Dragos This Time

“People are gonna be shocked. They underestimate [Lundgren], underestimate his abilities as an actor. Only see him maybe as ‘badass motherf–ker who wants to destroy everything.’ They’re going to be fascinated about the way he’s playing Ivan Drago now. There will be tears for us.”

Photo by Ben Watts

Lundgren On Current US-Russian Relations Resembling Those In Rocky VI

“I do think that marketing-wise it’s quite good.”

Photo by Ben Watts

Muntuneau On Having A ‘Little Breakdown’ After Filming

“It took me a month to be Florian again. I was telling Dolph: We never smiled once in that movie.”

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