At 65 years old, country legend Dolly Parton is still inspiring people with new music. She’s just released an uplifting new music video for her new single, “Together You And I” from her new album Better Day. The concept of the video is simple, but the message is loud and clear, relatable to everyone. Whether standing by someone is fighting an illness or simple by the love of your life, “Together You And I” will make it through, says Dolly. In the video, people from all walks of life join hands and share their smiles with each other.

“I wanted to do something uplifting so even in the losing songs, I’m saying you’re going to pick up the pieces,” Dolly tells Billboard. “It seemed that with everything being so doomsday-terrorists and bad weather and unemployment-we need a little sunshine.”

I can’t believe Dolly is 65. Seriously, she looks the same as how I remember her when I was a kid. Earlier this year, I saw her in person for the first time at the GLAAD Awards in LA. Such an amazing woman and truly inspiring. So glad she and Shania Twain have come back to the country music scene with their new music. Check out Dolly’s new video below.