WTF: When Dog Eats Cop Car


Just because the cops are referred to as the pigs, doesn’t mean their vehicles are edible! Holy crap! This bad ass beast of a dog tears the bumper of the cop car off with his teeth! Are you kidding me?

How embarrassing must it been for the cop to go up to his boss with a bill for car repairs, for a dog eating his car. It’s kinda like the “my dog ate my homework” excuse, except real – and much more violent.

This Chattanooga police officer’s vehicle got more than it bargained for when it came in contact with Winston the dog. See Winston eat the cop car’s front bumper, before taking a bite out of several tires.

  • Colby

    My favourite part is how the Google ad attached to this video is for a Dog Obedience Trainer…

  • Annie

    This is the dog eats cop car story.