If you thought networks were running out reality show ideas, think again. The creative minds at FOX have decided to revive an old pitch from 2009 to put on its feet. The network is finalizing a deal for four episodes of Does Someone Have To Go?, a series following the potential unemployment of a company’s current employees.

To say this show sounds a little crass would be an understatement. Unlike Undercover Boss which focuses on the rebirth of companies and the strength of their leaders in an economic downturn, this new show would focus of the negative impacts of the recession. The original concept began to surface back in 2009 while the recession began to hit America. FOX had filmed a pilot but the amount of criticism at the time I’m sure, put a kibosh on the idea. Check out the show’s synopsis below.

In each episode, a “dysfunctional” company will be faced with the decision of whether or not to dismiss one of their own. In the early stages a few years ago, the production was being deemed as Survivor meets The Office. One critic very openly stated that this show was “another bold step toward live televised executions.” Now, the network says they have tweeked the format of the show allowing companies the option to fire their weakest link rather than making it mandatory. The companies are also “dysfunctional” instead of economically struggling. No premiere date has been set nor have details on what the show’s challenges will be for the employees on the chopping block. What are you thoughts on this new show? Sound off below.