Which DNA Magazine 2017 Cover Boy Is The Hottest?

I actually planned to publish this on New Year’s Eve but got swamped as I was entertaining guests from out of town. Better late than never.

As I do every year, I like to do a roundup of all the titillating covers DNA magazine has published the past twelve months. Month in, mouth out, the glossy never ceases to amaze me with the caliber of man candy they place on the cover. 2017 was no exception.

Before the Aussie publication titillates us in 2018, let’s take a walk down memory lane and see the chiseled men who graced the covers the past year. My personal favorites are Jason Whidby, Lucas Escarcello and Alexander Dorokhov. Check out all of this year’s covers below and vote for your favorites.

DNA 2017 Magazine Covers

DNA #204 – Calum Winsor

DNA #205 – Jason Whidby

DNA #206 – Cheyenne Parker

DNA #207 – Jacob Woodhouse

DNA #208 – Benji Condie

DNA #209 – Lucas Escarcello

DNA #210 – Alexander Dorokhov

DNA #211 – Blayne

DNA #212 – Steven Dehler

DNA #213 – Andrew Lambropoulos

DNA #214 – Vladimir Momotov

DNA #215 – Lucas Quaresimin

  • mexitup

    Its more like which is the whitest? Where are the men of color?

  • mexitup

    How about which is the? They couldn’t find a single person of color the whole year?