Alyson’s Wonderland


 There are very few talents in the world that can appeal to both the gay and lesbian partier. DJ’s realy mainly focus on one demographic…not is the case with Alyson Calagna.

If you’ve been following the North American party circuit, you will have definitely run into Alyson’s name on one bill or another. This Miami DJ is pretty much one of the top rated female DJ’s on the LGTB circuit…no joke. It wasn’t until a couple years ago, that I really found out what she was about. My friend Nathan was down in Orlando, and heard her play during the OMW festival. He couldn’t stop talking about her, I believe it was at the Magic Journeys party. After that, he would keep telling me to listen to her, listen to her…and I did. And I was blown away!

Alyson is no stranger to Vancouver, she comes at least once a year to play the CHICAS party, which she will be doing again this PRIDE. But she is also coming one more time. It was an incredible story and I’m going to tell it to you right now!

As you may know, I had worked at Majestic/Pulse for a long time. Then back in Feb. I was laid off. This fact, I almost GUARANTEE you know. Well, cut to 5 months later, they have asked me back to promote their Saturday nights. After weeks of negotiations, I had agreed. Yes, I went back. I was worried that people would think I was a sellout because I went to a place where, let’s face it, I hadn’t spoke so highly about. But I am happy to be back. I don’t have the horrid stresses of running 5 nights, and they had agreed to do what I suggested. By bringing in guests weekly, and building our city as a musical destination once again. For a couple years, Vancouver wasn’t a city where you could hear gay dj’s weekly, and now we want to change that. Alyson was the first person on my list, and two weeks ago I had a minor panic attack, and posted on facebook that I was freaking out…and she messaged me asking what was wrong. I had never spoken to her before, and I told her i was a bit overwhelmed with PRIDE and with this new night that we have to launch July 4th. Well, all American dj’s are booked because of the 4th of July…but her schedule was free. How amazing is that? The first person on my list to contact, ended up messaging me. Oh the universe, your mysterious ways never cease to amaze me.

So, the incredibly talented ALYSON CALAGNA is coming to Vancouver this Saturday, as I launch my new night, at my old venue. Honestly, if I managed to put away my issues with them, then you KNOW it’s going to be good ;).

Our own local boy DJ DREADDY is going to be warming up the night, and it’s hosted by some of my fave scenesters Brad Fashion, Anna T Fabulous, Kiki LaWhore, Peter Breeze and Golden Girl Charmaine.  Get your asses out to the dance floor please…you’ve all wanted something different and here it is.