Divas On Divas: Famous Female Rivalries Compiled In Video Montage

In the music industry, women are pitted against each other all the time in a game of “she said / she said”. This is partially to do with their ego and partially to do with the tabloids making matters worse. Either way, people seem to love the drama and controversy of it all. I came across a video uploaded a couple days ago by Rich Juzwiak (the arts writer at The Daily and blogger at fourfour.typepad.com) has put together clips from interviews where one diva has talked trash about another. It’s absolutely amazing. The one rule for the video is that the person speaking in each clip must have been talked about in the preceding clip. It’s interesting to see how they all come together.

One major source of drama was definitely Mariah Carey. Whether it’s the former rivalry between her and Whitney Houston, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, or even Jennifer Lopez, Mimi seemed to be at the center of it all. Another rivalry I forgot about was between Janet Jackson and Madonna. In one of the clips, Janet is asked how her music compares to Madonna’s, and she responds: “It’s dance music, I’ll say that… which is very similar. I think… How do I put this? I think what I do has class to it. I’ll say that.”

The montage even features more current rivalries such as a more media driven, Lady Gaga vs. Christina Aguilera. Enjoy the video below and stay on Mariah’s good side!

  • ger

    That “someone” who put this together is Rich Juzwiak, the arts writer at The Daily and the guy who’s blogged for years at fourfour.typepad.com. He’s brilliant.

  • Oh! Thanks for the tip Ger! I’ll update the article!

  • shin

    is that steve jones at 2:15?

  • erico

    wow, mariah voice is deep

  • Chris

    Ugh, I hate Rich Juzwiak. What a pseudo-intellectual! Thank goodness he got fired.