Watch This Amazing “Toy Story” Stop-Motion Short Made With Real Toys

I remember being a kid with a wild imagination. I would take all my toys and create the wildest adventure story, comedy or drama. I would have good guys, bad guys and of course, a string of a love story. Now, Disney/Pixar have teamed up to create a new video series from Disney Living using stop-motion of their actual toys. Amazing!

I want to share the video “Toy Story Command Center” with you because it will literally bring you back to you childhood and make you want to rush to Target and buy as many toys as you can. What’s great about this video is that all of the props were created with other household things. Take some due notice of the foliage… it’s asparagus and broccoli. It doesn’t hurt that the entire video has the commentary of a little boy playing the voices of all the characters. So cute.

Check out this video below and let us know if you’re suddenly craving the need to play with G.I. Joe or your old Tupperware container of Lego.