The Saturdays Travel Back In Time For Some ‘Disco Love’ In Their New Clip

Some songs take a couple of spins before growing on me, while others never really get there. The Saturdays‘ latest single was love at first listen. “Disco Love” played non stop this past weekend during our camping trip and was hands down the soundtrack of the glamping affair.

Disco Love” is the third track from the UK girl group’s long-delayed fourth studio album. It certainly has the potential to match the success of “What About Us,” hopefully giving the group its second UK chart-topper. The accompanying video is everything you’d expect from them. Lots of glamor shots of each of the ladies. Whether they’re having car problems in the desert in 1979 or livin’ it up at a roller disco joint, they’re beyond stunning.

My only complaint is they travel to 1989 during one of the vignettes. In the song lyrics, the ladies never mention that decade. A third verse on the catchy pop track would’ve been killer. Check out the clip below and watch how the director hides Frankie’s pregnancy After Una and Rochelle’s turn hiding their baby bumps in previous clips, it’s now Frankie’s turn.

The Saturdays ‘Disco Love’ Music Video

  • Rob

    Love the video. Been listening to this track all day. It’s great, thank you Sats!