It was getting pretty depressing for a while there when we were barely getting the nice sunny weekends and this past week has been amazing. I really love Summer in Vancouver because there’s just no place like it. Not only do we live in the most beautiful place on earth but we’re also surrounded by beautiful people. It’s funny though because they seem to all come out in the Summer… which makes me wonder, “Where are these beautiful people in the Winter?”

Summer for me is when I come alive and I’m the most social. Going out on a weekday drinking refreshments on a patio downtown somewhere with friends and not a care in the world, even if I have to be up at 7am the next day for work. I also love lazy Summer weekends where you just let the day unfold on its own and just pause and watch life go by. Sometimes we forget and get lost in our surroundings from going about our daily routines. Having been deprived of sunlight & vitamin D all Winter, people, including me are generally in a happier disposition in the Summer. So, go out there and enjoy life because it’s too beautiful and short to take for granted!

This past week, I asked my friend DJ Chris Wren to create an exclusive Summer mix for my blog using songs that I’ve loved listening to, over the past couple of weeks. This mix is a compilation of great new summer anthems and some classics remixed. Check it out! You can also DOWNLOAD the mix or SUBSCRIBE to the podcast!

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