Preview The Dieux Du Stade 2017 Calendar

2017 Dieux Du Stade CalendarLong before those cute blokes from the Warwick Rowing Club released their annual calendar, these rugged athletes from France were posing sans underpants for our viewing pleasure for years. 17 to be exact.

The 2017 Dieux du Stade edition features no less than 30 athletes posing in the nude for Errikos Andreou. The Greek fashion photographer tastefully captures each man’s essence in black-and-white shots. Once again, proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

Check out Nikola Karabatic, Simon Fourcade, Djibril Camara, Clement Daguin and more below letting it all hang out, along with a revealing behind-the-scenes clip.

DIEUX DU STADE 2017 Calendar Preview