Diesel Underwear Fresh & Bright Superheroes Ad Campaign

He’s not a bird, nor is he a plane. It’s Supperman. He’s just one of superheroes fighting underwear crime in Diesel’s new colorful “Fresh & Bright Superheroes” ad campaign. Once again, Diesel delivers another eye-catching fun campaign to titillate your senses and fulfill all your superhero-related fantasies. Have no fear, the Fresh & Bright superheroes are her to save your day in sexy fashion.

The new creative features both male and female superheroes, but for the purpose of our fabulously gay site, I chose just the hunky boys. Each superhero imagery comes in two states- the one seen above, and another option where you can “turn them off“. Simply, all that means is you can strip them to just their Fresh & Bright underwear and nothing else. Once you see the images, it’ll make you wish you were a damsel in distress so these boys can whisk you away in their arms to safety.

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To check out more images, head over to http://www.diesel.com/freshandbright/