Diesel Makes Love Not Walls In SS17 Campaign

Immigration and inclusion were major themes found in several high-profile commercials during Super Bowl LI. Budweiser, which was arguably the most talked about, told the story of its immigration roots. Diesel is just the latest company to seemingly take a stance against President Donald Trump’s policies.

Directed by David LaChappelle, the ad is all about inclusion and diversity that features transgender model Laith Ashley, RuPaul alum Raja and ballet dancer Sergei Polunin among others. #Makelovenotwalls is about tearing down the mental and physical walls that separate us, and let all sides come together in the name of unity and love.

“At Diesel, we have a strong position against hate and more than ever we want the world to know that,” said Diesel’s Artistic Director, Nicola Formichetti. “Love and togetherness is crucial in creating a society we all want to live in, and the future we all deserve.”

Check out the fantastic clip below.

Diesel SS17 – Make Love, Not Walls