American Idol 9: Top 10 Elimination “The Clash Of The Idols”


Wow, you think “Clash of the Titans” is a Fox production? The cross promotion literally took up 1/4 of the show’s telecast. It was a bit cheesy but I kinda enjoyed it- MEN vs GODS… IDOLS vs JUDGES. Who thinks of this shizz. I’d love to be at one of the production meetings for the results show.

Since I’m in the middle of getting ready to go out and explore Amsterdam some more, this recap will be brief unlike the bloated hour Idol forces us to watch every week. This week’s results show showcased three performances: Idol 2 winner Ruben Studdard, Idol mentor Usher with and P. Diddy. All three performances were alright and nothing worth really writing about. On hand as well was current pop sensation and Usher protegee, Justin Bieber, who was there to support his mentor and plug his Number 1 album.



In between performances, Ryan slowly builds this week’s bottom three. First to the stools is Katie Stevens. While last week’s trip to the stools was definitely warranted, this week she didn’t deserve it. Next in the hot seat was Didi Benami. Even though I suspected her dramatic performance would put her in danger, I’m still bummed she’s there. The last stool goes to perennial bottom feeder, Tim Urban. Since the Top 12, Tim has made the bottom three each and every time.

After torturing Katie for most of the hour by making her watch the show from the dreaded stools, she’s the first one sent back to the couch. Didi and Tim are left to wonder if their Idol journey ends. As usual, “Teflon Tim” escapes elimination and is safe for another week. Leaving early-season favorite Didi to perform one last song to save her Idol life. Wisely, she chooses “Rihannon”, and gives it her best shot. To no one’s surprise, the judges don’t use the save. We then watch Didi fighting to hold back the tears as she watches her video montage send-off.


While Didi didn’t do her best last night, she deserved another shot. I love her voice and wished she had done better. All these weeks, I wondered why she didn’t play the guitar more often. Tonight, she revealed she had only started to play a couple of years ago and wasn’t super comfortable playing it all the time. Silly girl, you should’ve told America that sooner.

During the show Ryan announced next week’s songs will be from the Lennon/McCartney songbook. Idol hasn’t used this as a theme since season 7 where they used it back-to-back for the Top 12 and Top 11 week. With such a extensive library, this season’s contestants should have no problem finding a track suitable for their voice. Except for Katie, who’ll probably be lambasted for picking a song not young enough for her. Haha… silly judges.



Woohoo, I got two in a row right. Though, I’m bummed Didi got eliminated, I’m happy to improve my overall prediction record. With Didi’s elimination correctly foretold, my record in the Top 12 is now 2-1. My season prediction record is 7 correct and 8 incorrect. I still suck, but at least my percentage is improving.

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  • Dave

    tim should’ve been gone… i miss didi already 🙁
    btw, u should check siobhan’s through the fire studio version, it’s zillion times better than the live version

  • I actually think American Idol lost its appeal this year. Strangely enough, this is the weakest top 10 in years, not only vocally but also as personality. Maybe next year XFactor will bring a fresh change..

  • Awesome person

    I say Aaron Kelly is doing amazing for being 16, his last performance wasnt the best… but he still rox!!!!! I really hope he wins!! XD