Is Dianna Agron of Glee coming out as bisexual? I highly doubt it but her recent wardrobe choice in Toronto for the 2011 Glee Summer Tour sure has a lot of gleeks (and many others) raising their eyebrows in wonder.

During this season of Glee, the kids of New Directions created t-shirts to share something about them they were made fun of but were willing to own as something they were born with, then jumping into song and dance with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Certain examples were Overstreet’s Trouty Mouth or Monteith’s Can’t Dance (this shirt couldn’t be more in true on the show or in real life). Colfer’s character created the shirt Likes Boys. Well now, it looks like Agron wants to jump on the LGBT bandwagon.

Even though her cast mate Naya Rivera holds the female gay character, Dianna took to the stage in a Likes Girls t-shirt at their recent tour stop in Toronto. Fans snapped pictures and posts spread like wildfire on the internet. So is Dianna trying to make a profound personal statement about her own sexuality or is she just showing a little support for gays everywhere?