Showtime Releases Trailer For Dexter’s Eighth & Final Season

The beginning of the end is almost upon Dexter fans. The landmark Showtime series begins its eighth season on Sunday, June 30. The network recently dropped the first official trailer for the final season and it looks like it’s going to be a killer swan song.

Things pick up six months after Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) kills LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez). To say Deb isn’t coping with it well would be an understatement. She struggles with guilt and spirals out of control by turning to sex and hard drugs to cope.

Meanwhile a mysterious woman (Charlotte Rampling) comes to town who happens to be an expert on psychopaths. Could she be the one who finally unmasks the real Bay Harbor Butcher? Given that it’s the last season, I would say it’s extremely likely. Dexter (Michael C Hall) better watch out. Other than that, the trailer is your usual fare of gruesome kill room murders. Check out the clip below.

Dexter Season 8: Official Trailer

Are you excited for the final season of Dexter? Sad to see the Showtime series sign off the air? Sound off below.

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    ehhh…spoler alert?!?! Some people might have not seen the end of season 7!

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