RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5: Our Interview With Detox

Oh Detox. One of my favorites in the world Detox. I have been a fan of hers since forever ago. I absolutely love her because shes original and creative, doesn’t give a crap and just stays true to herself.

We gabbed about the “bullying” nonsense from Monday’s RuPaul’s Drag Race episode, her hardest challenge and her team up with Willam and Vicky Vox. Detox is so ridiculously fierce but I personally don’t think she was represented well on the show. That’s my opinion and it’s the right one #sorryboutit!

Take a listen below, and we will be seeing more of Detox at the reunion!

Detox Icunt Talks Elimination

  • Jerri M

    “bullying nonsense”. We get it, you are team ROLEDEX all the way and president of the fan club of talentless queens, but go out to a store nearby and search for a “Professional Journalistic integrity” and buy one, you don’t seem to have it.

  • Belladonna

    @JerriM don’t be so hard on @TommyD he likes who he likes it doesn’t change the fact that the days of Beauty Queens & Pageant Girls are over but know one who like’s girl’s like that should be upset the we’re on top for like 20years lol Now The Sharon Needles( My all Time Fav Drag Queen) & Jinxx’s of the World will be on top for the next 20years!!!! Just like in Music There where the Britney’s & Eminem’s Now it’s the Gaga’s ( Who’s My All Time Fav) & Macklemore’s of the world. Life Changes.

  • Gay Boy NYC

    Narcissism is a disease an both Roxxy Andrews and Detox suffer from it. They truly got satisfaction from belittling Jinkx. It was the same thrill cruel, relentless bullies get in school who drive a gay kid to suicide. It’s cut from the same evil cloth. I personally feel both Roxxxy and Detoc should check in to rehab or seek serious professional counseling. They have severe hurt and pain and it’s caused them to act almost violently. Jinkx is a class act and represents everything that is great about society. Detox and Roxxy represent everything that is truly sick about this world. Get help, detox! you are emotionally disturbed.