RuPaul’s Drag Race 5 Episode 11: Sugar and Spice and NOTHING nice

FINAL FOUR! Did you guess right? I TOTALLY DID! Roxxxy, Jinkx, Detox and Alaska! KAPOW!

The final four- as in every season- have to do a mini pageant, and this season it was the SUGAR BALL! Each of the queens had to make 3 looks:

  • Sweet 16
  • Sugar Mama – Executive Realness
  • Candy Couture

This was Roxxxy’s challenge to lose 100%. I said it last week, and I totally believed it right up until the end of the episode. Alaska was doing well, but she was having trouble with her candy couture: it kept breaking apart. Detox was struggling, as I feel she has been all season and I still don’t know why. Honestly, Detox is FIERCE, but girl, sometimes you just done have it. And, then there’s Jinkx, oh poor poor Jinkx. This episode was just a a plain ol’ mess for her from the antlers, to the skirt to the unrealized looks. Jinkx was definitely in over her head on this challenge, which was sadly unsurprising because I totally knew this was coming. And, now for the point of the entire episode: has Jinkx just been lucky this season? Roxxxy and Detox seem to think so, and I can’t say that I disagree.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jinkx is a FIERCE contestant, I think she’s hilarious and has a great aesthetic, is a good actress and singer. HOWEVER, when it came to sewing and creating something from scratch and doing the typical “drag” craft, she bombed and when she did, she bombed hard. This season I feel there were a lot more acting/comedy challenges than in the past and in that sense she was lucky to be in this season, but if she didn’t have the TALENT to get through, she wouldn’t have gotten through.

Essentially, that’s what I think Roxxxy was trying to say except she was being a real bitch this episode- and acknowledged it on Twitter and has since apologized and said it was very ugly behavior so calm down on my Roxxxy! Also, don’t forget they all want to win. I also saw a different side of Jinkx tonight: she is still quite rough around the edges and it’s why she fell into the bottom two with Detox. THIS is where luck REALLY came in for Jinkx, the song they had to lipsync was some weird opera/salsa song that was totally her style because she could, as she said: “Do a real shtick with it.” And, she did. Because she is talented though, it was great and she got to stay while Detox had to go home. strong>Alaska SHOCKINGLY won. I thought Roxxxy was going to take it but the theme this season has been to never let one queen stand out above the rest. Seriously, all thee finalists have all won 2 challenges each…

So next is the Final 3. We aren’t going to find out who wins early because that will happen during the reunion as it did last year, so the winner can’t leak to the public until the time of airing. At this point I don’t really know which way it’s going to go. Jinkx is the underdog who could take it, but is she polished enough? Roxxxy has the chops except she’s been very hostile towards Jinkx. Alaska is starting to come out of Sharon’s shadow but will that start to hinder her? Who knows…we’ll see next week!

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  • Adds

    Totally agree, Tommy! I would love Alaska to win but feel this season is Roxxxy’s. Your use of the word, ‘however’ is grammatically incorrect by the way :O 😉 . Thought I’d let you know.

  • JMC

    I adore Alaska and I dream of her winning but still fear it won’t happen. Alaska nailed this week and was the well deserved winner. Roxxxy’s candy couture was fierce but it wasn’t nearly as creative as what Alaska brought to the runway. All of Jinkx’s looks missed the mark but Detox’s candy couture was also a miss. The lipsync was in Jinkx’s favour, as soon as it started it was obvious where this was going, Detox did fine but Jinkx hammed it up so much and performed so big that she had it down. Sad to see Detox go, I truly believe she should have been in the top 3 and when the season began I thought she was going to win for sure.

    NEXT WEEK! I expect Roxxxy to get rurrrrrrrrlllllll mean, meaner than tonight. Girlfriend is going to be mega pissed Detox is gone and Jinkx is not and we all know she doesn’t see Alaska as an equal. I really hope Jinkx stumbles again because I truly believe she got a lot further in this season than she could have got in any previous season thanks to challenges falling in her favour and a weak field of competitors.

    Praying for Alaska!

  • Alex

    Welcome the new Phi Phi O’Hara, Roxxxy Andrews… I honestly believe that Roxxxy doesn’t deserve to win after the way she treated Jinkx on Untucked. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t lose a bunch of fans after that. I was completely appalled.

    Good Riddance Detox, go be a Cunt elsewhere with Roxxxy.

  • Tymir

    Man, this was poorly written. Commas were inserted and missing from where they should be.
    Jinkx KILLED it in the lip sync. Roxxy is a bitch, and I won’t go to see her perform in anything. Don’t want to pay money to see a nasty person perform.

  • Glenn

    Sewing skills are not really involved in being a drag superstar when you get right down to it. I can’t imagine Ru sitting at a sewing machine these days. Maybe in days of yore. I was over Detox and her entitled attitude and REALLY tired of looking at her. Too much plastic surgery, making Chad Michaels look natural. Yuck.

  • Mike

    Oh the irony, you come on here to talk crap about Roxxy being a “bitch” but you first take a jab at the person who typed this review. What’s the point? Trying to embarass him? This is review for A DRAG TV SHOW!!! Not a thesis! Chill the f*ck out spellcheck!

  • Tommy, I’m finally on your team that Roxxxy might win but only because I doubt they’ll hand it to the partner of last year’s winner and Jinkx is a little messy overall.. Roxxxy being such a witch must hurt her though and likely she could have made a clean sweep if she resisted the urge to bitch out.
    Also, your use of “however” is fine. It’s okay to start a sentence with a conjunction like that as long as you follow it with a comma… it’s a weird way to write but makes things more dramatic- just like you 😉 I love it.

  • Rebel

    Lol, no way Roxxxy is winning. Her edits have been so horrible (just like Phi Phi’s), there is no way Ru will crown her.

  • @Tymir – Sorry I write like I talk. I got Adam to fix it, I hope it’s to your liking.

    At this point in time Roxxxy is no longer a front runner. She can save herself if her and Jinkx have a tender moment next week but if they don’t, I think this is going to be Jinkx’s to lose.

    We also keep forgetting about Alaska. She could win this as well, then her and Sharon would be the first couple of drag! Hello Spinoff!

  • Rebel

    Speaking of which, I am gagging at Alyssa getting her own spinoff! Who saw that coming? Can’t wait!

  • Dillon

    I would think Jinx struggled to come up with a clear concept because her mind was in the gutter. After being bullied the whole competition I think it would get to her. I think what most Jinx fans are arguing is that it doesn’t matter how polished you are. Drag isn’t about being perfect, it’s about entertaining. Yes, Roxxxy is fierce and can bring some amazing looks; but, I have never been entertained by her. She lacks any sort of draw for me other than making me think, “Oh that’s a nice dress”. Also, her attitude is horrible. Her apologies are nice but, she can’t bring herself to admit that she was a bully. She just says she said mean things because she was stressed. Own up to it already.

    Detox should not have lasted as long as she did. Pre/Post RPDR she is fantastic; but, she never really brought it (maybe a few episodes).

    I wouldn’t mind Alaska winning. She’s funny, gorgeous, and entertaining. I do, however, have a soft spot for Jinx.

  • Ubu

    Girl please. You talk about Jinkx’s inexperience and you don’t know who Yma Sumac is? Jinkx is one of the youngest contestants, and yet, she’s got more knowledge of gay culture than most of the older, more experienced queens. I’d suggest that while Roxxy is an imitator, Ms. Monsoon is an entertainer, and a far better one at that.

  • Jerri M

    How the hell is Roxxxy calling someone else “Lucky” and “one trick pony”? She is a Two-Tit pony, everything she does is the same old thing – she takes off a gown and shows 2 fake tits and dances like a slut. She brings NOTHING to the table.
    I also blame Ru – after the season 3 fiasco, he should have admited that the project runway knock-off part is over (though that would mean finally getting rid of santino) so that delusional queens like titxxxxy would have got the message – Who cares about dressmaking skills? this is not America’s next drag seamstress. The entire season was second grade – no one had star quality, they are all runner ups (Jinks is at least creative, I’ll give her that).

  • Belladonna

    Like I said Be4 & i’ll just copy and paste it here- The Real TEA is that ever since Sharon Needles ( who is my all time fav next to Queen Ru) won last season all theses so called Beauty Queens cant take it that Drage is know longer just about looking cute but its more about the interesting art you create and who it touches. Point blank Sharon changed the GAME forever & now miss JINKX will be the next Amazing Queen to keep Changing the GAME and Mrs Roxxxy and girls like her just needs to deal with it! #ThatsTheRealTEA

  • Belladonna

    And @TommyD I Heart ????you your one of my favs on this site. Your so damn hot in your pic. Lol

  • Folly

    Roxxxy has opened my eyes to the fact that Rupaul is an inferior queen. Yes, yes, of course she’s glamorous… but she probably pays to have those gowns and wigs made and to have her make-up done. Her fatal flaw, however (!), is her comedy, her acting, her singing. Doesn’t Ru know that those silly skills serve to weaken her impact? And her knowledge? The fact that Ru is thoroughly conversed in history, culture and world events? Mere trifles.

    No. Roxxxy has taught us that to be a real drag superstar one must have a pretty face, the skills of a seamstress, and the ability to spew venom at the drop of a gorgeous hat.

  • jay

    @Folly… you dare expose the true one trick pony?!

  • Chris

    Thanks for this post… I’m a huge Jinkx fan mainly because I love her lighthearted fun comedic entertainment and she is FIERCE and talented in that department 100%. That being said, Jinkx raw talent allowed her not to LSFYL against Coco or Alyssa, or she would have ended up like Ivy, that part is luck…season 3 and 4 has all the same challenges format as 5, so I don’t get how it is being said that “if it were not for all these acting challenges” Roxxxy keeps repeating. Do I wish Sharon could dance? Yes. Do I wish Raja had comedic timing? Yes. Jinkx clearly is not completely polished in every aspect. But I thinks RuPaul will crown her this season!!

  • Shangey G

    Season 3 and 4 only had 5 acting/comedy challenges. Season 5 has had 6 acting/comedy challenges. It makes a difference when you are someone like Alyssa or Jinkx when it means you’re winning a challenge, or you’re LSFYL. For Jinkx, it means one more challenge where she can be in the top, and one less challenge where she looks like shit.

    Yes, Jinkx has been lucky. And by ‘lucky’, I mean the producers had a teensy weensy influence on the outcome of this ‘reality’ show. And i m putting reality in quotes for a reason.