FINAL FOUR! Did you guess right? I TOTALLY DID! Roxxxy, Jinkx, Detox and Alaska! KAPOW!

The final four- as in every season- have to do a mini pageant, and this season it was the SUGAR BALL! Each of the queens had to make 3 looks:

  • Sweet 16
  • Sugar Mama – Executive Realness
  • Candy Couture

This was Roxxxy’s challenge to lose 100%. I said it last week, and I totally believed it right up until the end of the episode. Alaska was doing well, but she was having trouble with her candy couture: it kept breaking apart. Detox was struggling, as I feel she has been all season and I still don’t know why. Honestly, Detox is FIERCE, but girl, sometimes you just done have it. And, then there’s Jinkx, oh poor poor Jinkx. This episode was just a a plain ol’ mess for her from the antlers, to the skirt to the unrealized looks. Jinkx was definitely in over her head on this challenge, which was sadly unsurprising because I totally knew this was coming. And, now for the point of the entire episode: has Jinkx just been lucky this season? Roxxxy and Detox seem to think so, and I can’t say that I disagree.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jinkx is a FIERCE contestant, I think she’s hilarious and has a great aesthetic, is a good actress and singer. HOWEVER, when it came to sewing and creating something from scratch and doing the typical “drag” craft, she bombed and when she did, she bombed hard. This season I feel there were a lot more acting/comedy challenges than in the past and in that sense she was lucky to be in this season, but if she didn’t have the TALENT to get through, she wouldn’t have gotten through.

Essentially, that’s what I think Roxxxy was trying to say except she was being a real bitch this episode- and acknowledged it on Twitter and has since apologized and said it was very ugly behavior so calm down on my Roxxxy! Also, don’t forget they all want to win. I also saw a different side of Jinkx tonight: she is still quite rough around the edges and it’s why she fell into the bottom two with Detox. THIS is where luck REALLY came in for Jinkx, the song they had to lipsync was some weird opera/salsa song that was totally her style because she could, as she said: “Do a real shtick with it.” And, she did. Because she is talented though, it was great and she got to stay while Detox had to go home. strong>Alaska SHOCKINGLY won. I thought Roxxxy was going to take it but the theme this season has been to never let one queen stand out above the rest. Seriously, all thee finalists have all won 2 challenges each…

So next is the Final 3. We aren’t going to find out who wins early because that will happen during the reunion as it did last year, so the winner can’t leak to the public until the time of airing. At this point I don’t really know which way it’s going to go. Jinkx is the underdog who could take it, but is she polished enough? Roxxxy has the chops except she’s been very hostile towards Jinkx. Alaska is starting to come out of Sharon’s shadow but will that start to hinder her? Who knows…we’ll see next week!

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