Desperate Housewives Will End In 2012

The ladies of Wisteria Lane are all receiving eviction notices. In somewhat of a surprising move, ABC will be announcing tomorrow at its press conference that “Desperate Housewives’s” upcoming eighth season will be its last. Despite not being the major hit and water cooler show it used to be, the ABC dramedy is still a decent performer on Sunday nights for the network. But apparently the show’s numbers aren’t strong enough. In it’s breakthrough first season, the show averaged 23.6 million viewers. Last year the show averaged only 11.9 million weekly viewers, down from the 14.1 average from the year before.

A few months ago, it was even doubtful that the show would return for an eighth season. But after hammering out new salary negotiations, the four main ladies (Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria) agreed to come back for Season 8 with an option of Season 9 in the mix. They reportedly signed for $400,000+ an episode each. Ouch. That missing revenue from the ninth season will certainly make a dent in each of ladies’ bank accounts. Reportedly, all four ladies were shocked by ABC’s cancellation.

I’m curious to see what the real reason behind ABC’s decision was. Was it purely financial or more behind the scenes drama like Nicolette Sheridan’s current lawsuit? Show creator and producer Marc Cherry has expressed in the past that he wanted the show to extend to Season 9. Despite not being the powerhouse it once was, the dramedy is one of ABC’s better performing shows. Perhaps, the network feels super confident that a few of its new shows will step up and become breakthrough hits this upcoming season. If not, they’ll have another hole to fill when “Desperate Housewives” signs off.

Are you saddened by the news? Sure, it’s not as addicting as it once was, but there are still moments when the show makes me laugh out loud. The addition of Vanessa Williams last season certainly helped the aging show. I’ve spent many Sunday nights with these ladies and will certainly miss them when they move out.

  • CT

    My guess is the show was just becoming to expensive, and they’ve already made enough episodes for nice sydication package, plus Marc Cherry has left to focus on creating new shows, I believe he’s only an executive producer this season. ABC is probably placing their bets on Good Christian Bitches and hoping that will become the new Housewives with a cheaper cast.
    Also, this early notice lets the actresses film new pilots during pilot season.

  • lentilky

    What’s wrong with ABC? They’ve already cancelled Bro&Sis, now DH.
    Though on the other hand DH is getting worse and worse with every season- nothing fresh and super-predictable plot. Hope they will end it with something really BIG