Demi Lovato Has Me Staying “Up All Night” With Missy & Timbaland

When Demi Lovato released her first single post-rehab, Skyscraper, there was no denying that she was ready to back her place in the music industry. Well, if you thought she didn’t cut it with that ballad, then buckle up for her new track, Up All Night. Cast member Tommy D was listening to the song yesterday and he tweeted that the new song from Demi Lovato was giving him a “semi lovato.” Only Tommy D could say something that.

The new tracks features the production of Timbaland with the fast spitting rhymes of Missy Elliot. Along with the voice and the beat of this dance record, Demi is making a nice smooth transition from Disney star to mature pop vocalist. I cannot wait for a sick remix of this song to hit the club. It’ll blow up for sure.

The song belongs to Demi’s new album titled Unbroken which hits shelves next Tuesday, September 20th. If this song is any indication of the full album, it’s going to do quite well for her. Listen to the track below and tell us what you think.