Demi Lovato Debuts ‘Heart Attack’ Music Video

With her upcoming fourth studio album, Demi Lovato is determined to show she’s all grown up. Simply titled Demi, the 20-year-old promises the dawning of a more mature era. Nothing says grown up more than dressing in black 😉

The former Disney star debuted her brand new clip exclusively at E! Online on Tuesday night. (April 9). After four teasers, it was about friggin’ time. Directed by Chris Applebaum, the “Heart Attack” music video begins with Lovato emerging from a pool of black paint. The rest of the clip switches between scenes of Demi sporting a rocker look with her band or wearing a simple white v-neck while working paint-soaked hands and a fairly make-up free face.

Applebaum’s previous credits include clips for Neon Hitch (“F U Betta”), Miley Cyrus (“Party in the U.S.A.”) and Rihanna (“Umbrella”) to name a few. Check out his collaboration with Demi below.

Demi Lovato ‘Heart Attack’ Music Video

Even though the song wasn’t originally written for Demi, it fits well with the new image she wants to portray. What do you think of the accompanying music video? Did you expect more? Sound off below.

  • Evan

    I didn’t really like the music video. Perhaps there is some symbolism that I am missing, but I found it difficult to relate to. I still love the song though.

  • RadaR

    This PERFECT song deserves a better video..I mean it’s nice but nothing special in any kind of way. But she looks stunning

  • xulfi

    i <3 deh song n Demi luks amazin in deh vid

  • Love Demi and love the song, but homegirl needs a new music video formula. Look back at pretty much all her past vids, it’s shots of her and shots of her with her band. Yawn.

  • DouggSeven

    Haven’t I heard this song come and go on the radio? And NOW it gets a video?

  • Danny

    The song had a lot of potential, but I think she needed something different to kick off this album; it’s in the same note as “Give your heart a break”. Also, the video is way too forgettable, she needs to hire a gay guy and ask him for advice, as I assume did Selena.