Deleted ‘Beauty & The Beast’ Musical Scene

Beauty And The Beast is still generating revenue at the box office ($500 million domestically and counting), but the Blu-ray and DVD editions are arriving June 8. To entice fans to purchase the home video, the studio has included plenty of special features including behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers and eight deleted scenes.

Also included is an alternate version of the scene where “Days in the Sun,” one of the new songs, was featured in the live-action movie. Director Bill Condon reveals the scene had to be reshot due to the hair color of Beast’s mother. Find out why below.

Beauty and the Beast Deleted Scene – Days in the Sun

The descriptions for the eight deleted scenes are below.

Gaston Courts Belle

Pleased with himself after settling a disturbance with the townspeople, a triumphant Gaston attempts to woo Belle.

Bread and Jam for Agathe

On her morning market rounds, Belle stops by to see Agathe, the village beggar woman.

Storming the Ice Gates

The angry mob of villagers, led by Gaston, overwhelms the castle’s defenses.

Lumière Torches LeFou

As the fight rages around them, LeFou scuffles with Plumette … until he experiences a sudden, extremely heated interruption.

Monsieur Toilette

LeFou escapes from the brawl into a small room, where he’s startled by a castle resident.

LeFou and Monsieur Toilette Reunite

After the spell is broken and the castle residents are returned to human form, LeFou and his new acquaintance meet again.

Cogsworth Rescues Lumière

When Clothilde the fishmonger threatens Lumière, Cogsworth leaps into the fray.

Treacle the Lasses

Three village lasses chase Chip and Froufrou – Madame Garderobe’s dog-turned-footstool – into the kitchen, where a surprise awaits.