A few weeks back, I told you about Steven Spielberg’s newest TV pilot project for NBC titled Smash. The concept is a group of adults in the musical theatre industry in New York, work together to create a Broadway musical. Most details on the project have been pretty minimal considering it is still in the beginning phases. However, a casting announcement has dropped that has everyone a buzz.

Debra Messing has joined on and quelle surprise Jacqueline… she’s playing opposite a homo. This time, her gay ‘romantic lover’ won’t be an uptight attorney, but a musical composer working on the same show as her character, Julia.

Debra’s character Julia is a budding lyricist in New York who’s been given the task of creating a Marilyn Monroe-like musical. Tom, the gay composer becomes Julia’s worst nightmare when he ends up foiling the plan.

With the project still in the pilot beginning stages, most people seem excited about Steven heading up the project and Debra jumping aboard. With rumors of the show also having its own original music produced for the show, its bound to give the likes of Glee a run for its money. What do you think of the addition of Debra to the new musical TV show?