Old School Flashback: Debbie Gibson’s Top 5 Songs

If you’ve been watching “Celebrity Apprentice” this season, you’re fully aware that no one loves Debbie Gibson’s songs more than Debbie Gibson. Every opportunity she gets, girlfriend is belting out her hits from the 80s. Just ask show frenemy Aubrey O’Day. With a new episode of Donald Trump’s show on tonight, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane.

Before Britney vs Christina or Monica vs Brandy, there was Debbie vs Tiffany. The two teen pop stars battled it out on the Billboard charts for supremacy during the late 80s. Even though Tiffany was deemed the more successful of the two, I have to admit, I liked Debbie more. Unlike Tiffany, Deb wrote and produced most of her songs. It was almost unheard of during this decade, especially for a young brand new artist. Til this day, Gibson holds the record for being the youngest artist to write, produce, and perform a #1 single (Foolish Beat) on the Billboard Hot 100 at the age of 17.

After the spotlight of being a pop star faded, the 41-year-old transitioned to becoming a Broadway star. In recent years, she posed for a nude pictorial in Playboy to coincide with her single “Naked” in 2005. Just last year, Debbie appeared with former pop-rival Tiffany in a Syfy original movie to play off their supposed rivalry. That catfight was over twenty years in the making. Also in 2011, Gibson did a cameo as Katy Perry’s mom in the singer’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” music video.

Debbie Gibson’s Best 5 Songs

I’ve gone through the blond pop star’s discography and picked out my favorite tracks. Her career was heavily front-loaded with hits. As you would guess, all my choices come from the singer’s first two albums. Notable tracks that didn’t make the cut include “Out of the Blue” and “No More Rhyme“. Check out my list and see if you agree.

No. 5 Electric Youth

Album: Electric Youth
Released: 1989
Billboard Peak: 11

At the time, she was one of the few pop stars to release their own fragrance, “Electric Youth”, named after her sophomore album. Nowadays, every other celebrity has their own scent.

4. Foolish Beat

Album: Out of the Blue
Released: 1988
Billboard Peak: 1

In early interviews, Gibson revealed that George Michael was one of her idols. If you listen carefully, this hit of hers sounds awfully a lot like Wham’s “Careless Whispers“. Plagiarize much???

3. Only In My Dreams

Album: Out of the Blue
Released: 1987
Billboard Peak: 4

Looks like someone went to Madonna’s garage sale for Debbie’s outfits in this music video. Side note. How awesome would it be to have your bed right on the beach? The comforts of a memory foam mattress with the sound off the waves crashing. Serenity now.

2. Lost In Your Eyes

Album: Electric Youth
Released: 1989
Billboard Peak: 1

It’s remarkable that Gibson’s only two No. 1 hits were both ballads. It seems people in the 80s were far more sentimental than the dance-obsessed record industry today.

1. Shake Your Love

Album: Out of the Blue
Released: 1987
Billboard Peak: 4

It wasn’t her biggest hit, but it’s definitely my favorite. It’s pure pop fluffiness. It appears it’s Gibson’s fave as well, considering she’s sang it on “Celebrity Apprentice” a couple of times.

Were you alive in the 80s? If so, what song is your favorite from Debbie Gibson? Or were you more of a Tiffany fan like Aubrey O’Day? Sound off below.

  • silverlakeguy

    I disagree with you saying Tiffany was more successful than Debbie. Name more than one Tiffany song that made it to the top 10. Thought so

  • DouggSeven

    I was alive when she was on the radio and even back then I thought her music was terrible and out of touch (so did mostly everyone else). The only reason she sold a single product is because of children’s unseasoned taste in music and parents buying her crap for their kids because of her supposed ‘positive messages’. She was not that big of a deal…don’t believe the hype.

  • Oliver

    I totally LOVE Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. I thik Shake Your Love is probably one of my favorites too.
    @silverlakeguy: Ehm, Tiffany had 4 US Top 10 hits! Even 2 No.1 hits!

  • Dbrewer75

    I much preferred Debbie over Tiffany. “Lost In Your Eyes” would be my fave single followed closely by “Shake Your Love”

    Oh and her perfume stank haha

  • jacobj

    lets go to the mall! …oh, wait that was robin sparkles

  • BritneyLover

    Shake Your Love >>>>> her other songs

    Extra points because it was used as a lip-sync-for-your-life song between Jujubee and Pandora Boxx during Rupaul’s Drage Race season 2 😀

  • rogelio

    Josey Greenwell – Stuck in my head

  • Billy Skaggs

    1. Foolish Beat
    2. Lost in your eyes
    3.Only in my dreams
    4.Doncha Want me now
    5. Red Hot.
    6.Electric Youth
    7. Didn’t have the heart
    8. Only Words
    9.Too Fancy
    10. Shake your love.

    I know you said 5 but I doubled it cause she is at least twice as better than any other pop singer.