The Dos & Don’ts Of Political Correctness Revealed In ‘Dear White People’

Given the state of race relations these days, this topic couldn’t be more timely. Netflix’s upcoming series, Dear White People, takes a satirical approach on the touchy subject.

Dear White People is based on the 2014 crowd-funded film of the same name from Justin Simien. The 33-year-old returns to write and direct several episodes of the series. It follows escalating racial tensions at a prestigious Ivy League college from the perspective of several African American students. Topics of social injustice, cultural bias, political correctness (or lack thereof) and sometimes misguided activism in the millennial age will be touched upon.

The first season will include ten 30-minute episodes with each episode following a different character. Logan Browning, Brandon P. Bell, Dennis Haysbert and Antoinette Robertson star. The humorous series debuts April 28 on the streaming service.

Check out the promo below which discusses the dos and don’ts of what white people can dress up as for Halloween. Let’s just say slutty nurse is fine but blackface isn’t.

Dear White People Netflix Trailer

Dear White People (2014) Movie Trailer