Man Crush: Dean Geyer

With all the times we’ve written about Dean Geyer on Homorazzi, you’d think he would’ve made the cut for my Man Crush feature before. Surprisingly, that’s never happened. What was I thinking? Given that Glee airs its fourth season premiere tonight, I thought it was time I stop skirting the issue and declare my online love SLASH lust for Geyer this week. Welcome Dean, you’re about to be crush’d.

Geyer was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and later moved to Melbourne, Australia. He gained notoriety down under during his run on the fourth series of Australian Idol, where he eventually placed third. He parlayed his popularity on the talent show to a recording contract. After a lukewarm response to his debut album, the 26-year-old ventured into the world of acting. He landed a role on the popular Aussie soap, Neighbours.

Last year, Geyer made a splash in North American waters by making his film debut in the action film, Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown and starring in Steven Spielberg’s ill-fated FOX series, Terra Nova. The network execs must’ve loved him since he’s appearing in another FOX show. I’m sure his appearance on Glee as Brody Weston will elevate his rising star even more and earn him legions of new fans. I know it worked for me. Check out several hot pictures of this Aussie bloke below.

So handsome. And those eyes are simply breathtaking.

All suited up to be the perfect arm candy to any black tie event.

The things I could imagine his hands touching 😉

Well hello shirtless Dean. Imagine seeing this at your dorm.

Listening to a little Justin Bieber at the park. LOL.

Goofing around on the set of Glee.

Showing off his pecs on Terra Nova.

Typically, guys with longer hair really turn my crank. Wish it was more curly rather than flat ironed.

He’s bulging in all the right places *wink*.

I hope there’s some gold at the end of that treasure trail. And by gold, I mean a huge schlong.

Smirking is kinda his signature thing, isn’t it?

Strike a pose.

Flexing his guns on the set of Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown.

I’d rather giddy up and ride saddle on Dean than the horse. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Doesn’t he remind you at times of Chris Evans?

Dean Geyer ‘I’ll Be’ Australian Idol

  • Ryan

    This guy is perfection. Not one damn flaw.

  • MauiKane

    Thank you South Africa and Australia! We will take great care of him in America. Dean is destined for super stardom here.

  • Sean

    I want to lick lick lick lick him…

  • He made quite an entrance on Glee. It seems that Ryan Murphy has a thing for hot guys who sing the shower – first Finn, then Sam and now Brody. Can’t wait to see who sings next season. :p