Ryan Reynolds Debuts Amusing For Your Consideration Oscar Video For Deadpool

At the time of its release, no one could’ve predicted that the superhero flick would be part of the chatter. Deadpool has defied odds during awards season, earning nominations from some key Oscar precursors including the Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards, Directors Guild Awards and Producers Guild Awards to name a few. The Ryan Reynolds movie has a decent shot of hearing its name when the Academy Awards reveal their nominations on Tuesday, January 24.

With the Oscar nominations deadline today, Reynolds has released a humorous ‘For Your Consideration‘ clip for his film. As you’d expect from the antihero, his signature sense of humor is on full display. I’d describe it as Deadpool by the numbers, with the 40-year-old actor listing off random numerical facts about the film. “600lbs of chimichangas,” Ryan begins. “4 pair of assless chaps, 12 humiliating on a casting couch,” adding, “42 rejection letters from Fox.” Check out the clip below.