I loathe seeing straight guys on the big screen and lustin’ for them- it seems desperado for me. HOWever, when a movie brings the sexiness and thriller factor like “Deadfall” does, I’m willing to make an exception. Eric Bana gets dirty and terrifying as the murderous and slightly incestuously inclined antagonist thief who gets pitted against the rustic good boy and hot as heck Charlie Hunnam (REMEMBER him from Queer as Folk? Didn’t think he’d turn out this hot!). While Charlie’s current IMDB pics make him look like a Ted Kaczynski lookalike, in this 2012 release, he looks clean shaven and good enough to take home to mom. Speaking of mom, the movie packs some real star power and uses Sissy Spacek as the sweet, supportive if not slightly sad mother of Hunnam who brings home dirty girl Olivia Wilde of “House” fame. Olivia plays the greedy and abused sister to Bana’s psychopathic ways as she gets caught between wanting to please both her new beau and her controlling bro.

That’s about as much of the plot as I want to give away without ruining anything for you- and to be honest the general storyline is pretty predictable within the first 20 minutes of the film and yet, you follow this one from start to finish without a second of boredom. Following the separated siblings after a big heist, you get to watch their demons and characters play out as you assume they’ve never spent more than 20 mins apart from one another in their lives. The movie is violent, smart, sexy (again, quite sexy) and a good ride. Taking place in the American Tundra, there’s a ton of beautiful shots and haunting frozen scenes that juxtapose the eventual torturous bloodied scenes you know are inevitable.

The acting is accurate with this lot of experienced thespians and you’ll definitely find yourself taking sides with one character over another and rootin’ for your favourite to win out as they each seem to have their own enemy in this one. My favourite part of this film is where it takes a more cerebral and plot-wise not necessary turn, shading Bana’s character as he intervenes to save a young girl and her brother from their abusive, alcoholic father. Honestly, I was either drunk or tired when I watched this because I started to question the timeline of the movie and wondered if these kids didn’t grow up to be the main characters themselves. Honestly, you’ll watch and assume I was high but the allusion to the adults’ relationships through this story twist is so heavy I think I just got caught up in the referencing ha. Just watch the trailer to get a good idea of what this piece looks like, and spend the night in with some wine as it freezes outside and watch this one with a cute guy… the sex scene in this will likely get a “rise” out of you both 😉

‘Deadfall’ Movie Trailer