Top 5 Thursdays: Favorite Daytime TV Shows


Today is a bitter sweet day, mostly sweet and only a touch of bitter. Today, after 8 long months of unemployment, I started working back at my old company. While this is seriously awesome after months of interviews and disappointment, I do have to admit that I kind of missed my daily line up of of pre-5pm TV programs this afternoon. Thank goodness for DVR (PVR for you Canucks) though. So this week’s Top 5 Thursday is dedicated to the wonderful people in TV land that kept me sane by distracting me with interesting plot twists, laughs, knowledge and eclectic style.

5) The Wendy Williams Show


I only started watching Ms. Williams recently after a trip up to Vancouver.  Donovan and I were working hard on a project (gossiping) and he turned her show on and I was hooked. From her “How you doin'” to her huge boobies and ever changing wigs, this “drag queen” is amazing. My favorite part of the show would have to be her “Ask Wendy” segment when she goes into the audience and gives advice to audience members. Her advice actually isn’t that bad and she tends to put a funny twist on it. I also love when she interviews a guest and doesn’t know their background/story. So Wendy, How you doin’?

4) Property Virgins


OK, pretty much anything on HGTV I watch, but Sandra Rinomato and her Property Virgins are the best (next to Candice Olsen’s Divine Design – shoot, too many good shows to choose just one). I think what I like most about this show is that she is direct with the first time buyers and doesn’t sugar coat the truth. She starts off the show with the Virgins listing everything they’re looking for, then takes them to a dream neighborhood (where they usually can’t afford anything like that for at least another 10 years) and then shows them three options hoping the couple will choose one. It’s informative and I love looking at (into peoples’) homes/condos, so this wins in my book.

3) Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit)


Mariska Hargitay (bows). If I didn’t want to be a cop before watching this series, I do now. I had always heard about Law & Order: SVU but never sat down to watch an episode, but when I did, uh oh. I have literally sat for hours and watched Officers Benson and Stabler track down rapists and solve wicked confusing crimes. I can’t forget to leave out the sometimes nail-biting courtroom scenes where defendants and plaintiffs shoot accusations back and forth. Such a good show. I’m available to solve crimes if anyone needs – just let me know what it is, I’ll find an episode similar and be right there to solve it.

2) Ellen


I remember watching “The Ellen Show” on ABC and thinking she was really funny, but it wasn’t until I saw one of her stand-up acts that I realized she was a genius. Any day that I was feeling a little low, I just needed flip on Ellen at 11 and my day would instantly be better.  The best thing about Ellen, she makes you laugh. Whether she’s cracking drinking jokes in her monologue, dancing with the audience or pulling pranks on customers outside of Starbucks, you can’t help but smile when you watch her  show. With a cartoon character, a talk show and now a spot at the American Idol judges table under her belt, I think Ellen is in a prime position to be the next Queen of Day Time Talk if she wants. Which leads me to my next show…

1) Oprah


Momma O, Ops, The Queen of Day Time Talk, whatever you want to call her, I love her. If you read my previous article regarding Oprah’s announcement that her show would be coming to an end in 2011, you know how much I truly love her, what she stands for and her show itself. There were a couple (several) times over the last 8 months where I threw myself a pity party for the situation that I was in, but one episode of Oprah talking to an African refugee, or of a woman who was missing her face or a of a family who had lost everything in some disaster snapped me out of it and helped me to realize how blessed I was. Cheesy, but true. Oprah broke down the barrier of women and black women in television and continues to bring information to millions of viewers in the Oprah way. I’ll be, distraught, when she goes off the air September 9th next year, but until then, she holds a permanent spot (number 1) on my DVR.

  • I LOVE Property Virgins. She is awesome. Good call Alex, but you forgot Maury. GASP. I wanna know who my babby daddy is! Get me that DNA test.

  • Adam A.

    WHAT….no daytime dramas….please let’s not forget Y & R, I would hate to see this show get cancelled!